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Fuminav Application Identity:

Fuminav is a tablet based application that forms an integral part of the 'Fumigation Mate' and 'Fumigation Ace' advanced fumigation monitoring instruments distributed by Control Equipment Pty. Ltd.
The application provides visual readings of the fumigation gas concentration, user control over the instruments operation and provides a paperless job management sytem.
Following the successful completion of a fumigation job, Fuminav generates a set of job reports that can be sent to relevant fumigation authorities via email from within the application.  


What Does Fuminav Do With User Data ?

Fuminav uses Google's Gmail system to send completed report files to recipients. 
To use the email feature, Fuminav requires that the user sets up a Google account on the host tablet. 
Fuminav does not access, share, store or display any users Google account data.
Email addresses for recipients are entered by the user and stored in Fuminav's own internal unencrypted database and are not collected from user contacts.   


How Does Fuminav Enhance User Functionality ?

Fuminav uses operator entered data to perform many of the neccessary calculations relating to fumigant use, such as dose rates and measurment equilibrium and more.
Through the use of the applications' job data entry system, collection of measurement results, data post processing and the ability to email an automatically generated report, operator workflow is significantly improved in both speed and accuracy.   


Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and have, by design, made Fuminav operate without the need to access Google account user data. 
Our full privacy policy can be viewed


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